Why Support?

Today, one-third of all pregnancies end in abortion. Expectant Mothers who have experienced abortion believe it to be the best or only option for dealing with their unplanned/crisis pregnancies. They also report that they were unaware of where they could find support and continue their pregnancies and what options were available to them.

In one study, 90 out of 100 expectant mothers said they would not have had an abortion if they only had someone to stand by them and help them find positive alternatives and continued growth and support.

For most adolescent mothers proximity to a credible, community-supported, and well-promoted Adolescent Pregnancy Facility is an important factor in whether or not she will choose a positive alternative to abortion.

A Safe Haven For Adolescent Mothers (ASHFAM) is going to change the lives of the adolescent mothers and their children by providing the basic necessities of life, mentorship programs, presenting life-affirming options, religious and educational advancement, and access to health and wellness counselling and assistance.

You can help make these services available by supporting A Safe Haven For Adolescent Mothers (ASHFAM) – Fort McMurray’s local Adolescent Pregnancy Facility.