For Guys

She’s pregnant. Now What?

This changes everything.  What are your choices?  What are your rights?  What is expected of you?

We are here for you, You are never alone.  We are here to assist you too.

Male Mentors

If you just need someone to talk to and need to get some information and support – we have male mentors who are there to meet your needs as you work through the unplanned pregnancy.

My daughter is pregnant, what can I do?

  • She needs you more than ever now!  You may be having mixed emotions – disappointment, fear, anger.
  • You are never alone.  You can meet with a male mentor to sort through the situation and your feelings.  We are here to assist.

How can I help my friend?

  • You want to help and your friend needs your support.  It doesn’t mean telling her what to do, it means helping her get the information she needs to make her best decision.  We can provide the guidance you need to do that.

If you or someone you know is in need and would like to access our programs & services, please complete the referral form attached and e-mail to

ASHFAM Referral Form

Loving and Compassionate Support For You, You Are Never Alone!